Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Watch Pinoy TV

Things indeed do come and go. I would have had bought myself a new television set already if it wasn't for the computer that I've busted accidentally.

I used to hop back and forth at mom's to watch TV. Later I find it inconvenient so I just prefer to stay instead and do whatever things I can such as arranging photos or doing my school reports.

 Luckily, the tech who tried to do my old desktop computer told me about Watch Pinoy TV. It is a site where we can watch shows and programs from different local channels. While waiting, I simply overheard him discussing about it with other customers around the shop. I got curious so I thought I might as the site's exact address as well.

Now I'm hooked to it every night. It's nothing live but I atleast I still get to watch shows aired on the same day... just not on the same exact airing time though. Now I feel like I'm one of those thousands of The Filipino Channel (TFC) subscribers, already. Of course I still want to buy that new TV set one of these days.


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