Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dream Gizmos

The last time I made myself a birthday wish list was... okay wait... I need a few moments to think about it. Or have I ever? I am actually the type of person who always wish for synthetic hair extensions and desire less for anything fancy unless needed. However, should I be determined about it, I would love to have something that is somewhat realistic and my top 3 choices would be...
a new laptop computer...
This is after I unintentionally busted my own laptop while at the height of panicking. Let em not juts elaborate the story behind it. It is something I'd rather not want to remember.
a new flat screen television set (it doesn't have to be white, though)
The last year's flooding incident took its toll on some of my gadgets at home. Although I spend most of my time at work and in school, still there's nothing like coming home to relax and be entertained by your favorite show on TV.
and finally, a digital photo frame.
I have bunch of stored photos in almost all types of storage devices. Thought it would be nice to reminisce once in a while looking at those pictures running in a digital frame.
That's it! Either any of the above could make a birthday wish come true or I could add all of them on my "to buy" list for 2014.
Okay, my birthday will be up next month. Anyone out there who wishes to give me a present, any of these gadgets will do. Though, the one on top is highly recommended, LOL!


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