Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick Steps on How to Add Custom Favicon to your Blogger Blog

Here's another something you guys may find interesting to learn about! I just found out how to do it myself recently. It's adding a custom favicon to our blog and I'm telling you aside from the fact that using a custom favicon separates us from the rest, it was really fun doing it. I've seen so many blogs around are not wearing it yet so I thought of sharing some tips below on how you can do it yourself. :D
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Here we go... Step 1 Using your preferred image, create your own favicon file. It should be as small as 16x16 pixels file and preferably with ".ico" extension although I use .png file for some of mine and it should work just as fine. Or if you want there are also free services out there where you can create your own unique favicon. Step 2 Upload the file to your image hosting account to get it coded. I use Photobucket, by the way. Love it free, lol! Step 3 Finally, add the following script to your blog: To do that, go to your BLOGGER PROFILE - LAYOUT and then click EDIT HTML. Scroll it down to where you can see the head tag then insert the script above. Make sure to replace the Your Icon URL with the newly generated URL of your favicon, click save template and you're DONE! :D Oh, but before you leave, how bout dropping me a few lines at the comment box if you find this tutorial any helpful? Ayt! ;)


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