Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Blog on the Block

Today marks the 113th celebration of the Philippine Independence. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to every Filipino around the world! Also to go with this historical event celebration today is an important announcement from yours truly. :D Yea, I told myself I really have to make it TODAY!

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Just to those who don't know yet, I won from PMC 's .info domain giveaway last month along with 9 other lucky winners. Many thanks to Mommy Ruby for awarding it to me last Monday and because I know I can only do so much when it comes to Wordpress layout editing, I gave it the entire week to do what needs done for this page.
A free domain comes with a free lifetime hosting service too courtesy of Pinay Mommy Online hosting services. How cool is that? ;) I have few blogs under Blogger too so I picked Wordpress this time for me to get to accustom with the platform better. Oh and with the advent of this new page, my used to be alone WP blog here will sure get lonely no more.
As this is getting longer, I will just make a separate post explaining what this blog will be all about and why Kat's Box and Dice when most of you know obviously my name is not Kat, LOL!
Well that's up next but for now I would like to WELCOME you all and please guys and to my fellow mommies of PMC I would love to hear what you think if you could please take some time to write them down at the comment section and thank you very much. :D


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