Thursday, June 23, 2011

GT: Reunited

Wee!! This is going to be so out of order and I apologize I'm still joining anyway. :D Back in my old school days we really don't own a camera until I reach college. But even then I am not so fond of using it if not for special events like birthdays and other social gatherings. It is not as friendly as how the modern digital cameras are of today. Now that explains why I don't have so much pictures during my younger years. And that explains further why I don't have any of them scanned, LOL! But I have here pictures of me and my High School mates during our last batch reunion in December last year. I hope this will do.
The structure behind is our old school... with its 16-year worth changes. A statue of Mother Mary is actually with us. Can you spot her face in the picture above?
Before partying at night, we've decided to do a little outreach program in the morning and this is where we gathered together. Well... don't we look like we are just still in High School in white tee shirts? :D


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