Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Akismet it is

I've been wondering why I got lots of comments going through my spam folder since I let this blog up a week ago. Some were from people I know and many were from unknown addresses leaving malicious links within their comments and then I realized I didn't have spam-blocker plugin installed. Shame... shame... Thought I had it all done but I was wrong, LOL! This brought me back to the time when I first use Wordpress. I went through the same thing until I was told about Akismet. I used to get hundreds of spams during the first few days of my first WP blog, I blog today! I was surprised how they build up so fast but thanks I found this amazing plugin the second time around. It really did wonders to my blog and now it is up to save me again from counting spam comments that are yet to come in to my new page too. Related Posts: Found it! Akismet's Spams and Ham


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