Sunday, June 19, 2011

Before and After

Hi there! Just so you know I've added few pages here that you can browse at any time - that's to complete the whole concept of this blog. Now I can finally tell that the setting up phase is done and that I can just concentrate on adding posts here from time to time.
And so for this weekend, I thought of sharing a little idea about the theme of this blog and the tweaking I did to come up with a modified version. Here's how it is... [Click image to view full size]
The theme is called SEASHORE from Wordpress Theme Shop. It took me days to find what I've been looking for a Wordpress theme. I wanted something simple and neat looking with very minimal footer links and this was it. And then this is how it came out after 5 strenuous days of tweaking.
All of whatever I have become now when it comes to blogging, I owe it to my good friend, Evelyn and to the very first blog page she created for me back in 2007 just so I will give blogging a try. That page I am talking about is called Just the way it is... and is what I consider my MOTHER blog. :) Have a pleasant Sunday everyone! ;)


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