Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Busy Bee is Taking a Break

Okay, I've decided to take a day break and that's TODAY. Over the last two weeks I've been stressing myself out so much doing blog make overs which I haven't done for years. It has never been that easy. Dealing with HTML, and CSS codes is like doing a treasure hunt. But despite that fact, I still have this sudden craze that I wanted to give all my blogs an instant makeover though I know it isn't possible so I tried to do it one after the other. Lucky enough if I get as much as 2-3 hours of sleep each night since I started it. By the way, this is what normally happens when I'm in the mode of "trying to do-it-all" when I know my head can actually just handle so much. Good job, D-1! :)

So going back... the editing saga started here. Yes, right here. When I won this domain and had to figure which theme to use, how to make it look right and do it so I could finally launch this blog - it is when and how the idea started. That's impulse! And that is just how I am. When I want something to happen, I make it happen no matter what. The only trouble I feel I have with that attitude is that I tend to ignore the rest of the things that needs some of my attention too - blogging, blog hopping and working out to name a few. And yea, at times I wish I don't have to miss a meal too, lol! Well what I did and will still be doing later have inspired me somehow. They're up on the following URLs just in case you want to take a peek. 1. Just the way it is... 2. I blog today! And more to come! :D See ya!


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