Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Salty Coffee for a Chilly Evening?

I remember before I wrote one story about the "salty coffee" in one of my blogs. If you're a follower perhaps you would remember it too. But this time it's not going to be about it. It's about the coffee I made earlier, lol! It's quite a chilly evening around here and I was trying not to doze on my seat while scouting for drawstring bags wholesale online, so to get help rid of it, I rushed to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee but instead of putting sugar, I poured salt on it. Arghhh!!

And contrary to the title of my old blog (THINGS I HEART)... NO, I definitely and would never heart nor enjoy a cup of salty coffee no matter how classy and expensive my mug is going to be. I'm sure you won't either! Oh well, that's about it. It's 1:16. I'd better be off to bed now before I crave for another cup and commit the same stupid mistake again.


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