Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Web

With just a matter of a keyword and/or phrases, a certain search engine could allow anyone to search for any information they wanted to learn about through the internet. That's how our society is being revolutionized by this global interconnection of hundreds if not thousands of otherwise independent computers, communication entities and information systems. Imagine how plain and simple everyone's life would have beene without this technology evolution... On the other hand, see what progress and advancement it brought us particularly in our economy and lifestyle. Many of us people are enjoying the countless benefit we could get from being globally connected and for one, the open and easy access to vast amounts of information (point of care software). But we need to understand that anyone may publish a web page or anything for that matter on the net. It is important to evaluate and determine if the information we found on the web is credible. No one can ever be sorry for being mindful regardless when you're in a static or in a dynamic world.


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