Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are You An Internet Addict?

Many people associate addiction only to cigarettes, illegal drugs and alcohol. But are you aware that there are other addictions a person can suffer from? When a person's major focus is on one behavior only, he may be suffering from behavioral addiction. This addiction includes, among other things gambling, shopping, work and using computer and the Internet. Let's talk about computers and the Internet. They are necessities for today's generation. Computers and Internet are needed in the workplace, in school, and at home. Computer now are as popular as televisions. Internet provides easy access to a gold mine of information. Besides you can communicate with friends all over the world while at home, in the office, in malls, and at airports with wi-fis. With the Internet, news, weather forecasts and sports are just a click away.

You can shop (maybe for a hydraulic booster or anything you're interested in), bank or pay your bills online. You can watch and share video clips, download or upload almost anything you like from YouTube. But the internet has its downside too. When you become so attached to the computer that you start to live in artificial world, your physical, emotional and spiritual health is in danger. Be responsible! Scientific study show that computer addiction affects the brain in pretty much the same way as drug addiction changes the brain chemistry by stimulating the reward circuit of the brain. As human beings, we are likely to repeat doing the things we find rewarding. Like eating chocolates or ice cream. So we tend to eat more than the required amount. The pleasure one experiences from this activity triggers the release of a brain chemical known as dopamine, which makes this person to want for more. This brings a cycle of pleasure and elation to repeat the behavior, which in turn leads to the increasing desire to relish the reward. Soon the person craves to go up to a higher level of excitement with perverted thinking and uncontrolled behavior. Computer addiction is serious matter. Don't take it for granted. Many have lost a loved one or their work because of addiction. Knowing the early signs of computer and Internet addiction is of extreme importance. But how do you know that you have too much of computer or the Internet. If you answer "yes" to at least seven of the questions below, it is enough for you o be diagnosed as having a pathological Internet addiction.
  1. Do I lose Internet in the other activities I used to engaged in?
  2. Would I rather miss my regular meals than miss the Internet?
  3. Am I craving for more time online and feel restless when not engaged?
  4. Do I feel irritable and aggressive when interrupted or when the connection is slow?
  5. Do I stay in the computer longer than intended?
  6. Am I neglecting family and friends and /responsibilities in order to be online?
  7. Is my internet use interfering with my job or school responsibilities?
  8. Do I use Internet as an outlet when lonely, upset or sad?
  9. Do I lie about the amount of time I spend on the Internet and what I am browsing?
  10. Am I sleeping late because of Internet browsing?
Computer and Internet are no doubt necessities. But they could also ruin lives and relationships if not handles responsibly.


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