Friday, November 22, 2013

Feeling and Dreaming Comfy Today

We have a foggy morning today! This must be the coldest morning we've ever had in a long time this year. Weather like this sets me in the mood not to work but to lock myself up to bed all wrapped and feeling comfy all day. I know it can be possible but only if I'm on a total vacation but I'm not. (SIGH!)

 I can imagine those people who are in nice places right now enjoying great pleasures they can get out of life, staying in grand hotels, having sumptuous meals at fancy restaurant while looking through the nice views the place can offer or simply staying in their room feeling the comfort of their elegant bed on a fine and soft hotel bedding collection set while watching movie or simply sleeping. Oh, what a nice feeling it would be!

By the way, since we are talking about comfort ...

Did you know that the renowned MGM Grand Hotel and other casino resort hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada got their luxury hotel towels, hotel sheet collections, memory foam toppers, robes and fine table linens from a roughly 80 year-old company named Sobel Westex? Of course there's a very long story too behind their business existence. But isn't it just nice to discover things like this? Who can tell one of us is actually destined to travel in one of these famous places one day. Just a thought!


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