Monday, November 4, 2013

Do Blog Theme/Template Really Make a Statement?

I remember some time before, a blogging buddy told me that a certain type of blog layout may also contribute to increasing your chance of gaining page relevance from the leading search engine. We were discussing about PR then and she came out with this idea although I actually have no clue how it may work... I just didn't bother to ask. I know not all but some of the essentials on how to qualify a blog for a page rank.

For me, there's only one thing that I consider the most important in choosing a layout...and that is its capacity to load fast. Now I'm not saying pick the driest layout you can get either. There are lots of theme designers out there who can create fast loading templates without sacrificing its look and elegance.

So now back to my template. Why did I ask if it really does make a statement because it happened to me before. As soon as I updated my blog layout, that little green button I used to place at the sidebar surprisingly flashes a digit that's no longer 0 but 3 ! Although I still refuse to believe that it's because of the new layout installed instead I want to think that it was granted to me because I was determined to gain it back... and with an added point during that time. I wonder when it will happen again. I am not even certain if Page Rank toolbar is still around.


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