Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Facebook Plugin Error Solved

Have you ever seen this pink box that reads "Plugin cannot be rendered with the specified parameters" on Facebook? I've seen it from different pages I came across when I did blog hopping last week. I forgot to make a screenshot though but the other day, I was trying to make a fan page for my new travel blog using the like box plugin. So I had the widget customized and generated its code... copied and pasted it to my sidebar but this annoying pink box was all that's there each time I try to view it.

I tried to re-generate codes several times but I still get the same. So I figured something must have been wrong on the widget itself. Frustrated and all I tried to google possible answers to my question and then I found out there's more annoyed users out there who have raised the same question at Facebook's forum page. Thanks to the techie blogger who wrote this article here for presenting such helpful solution to the problem. I had my widget up successfully and my new page started to generate likes on exactly the same day. :D


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