Thursday, June 16, 2011

GT: Why not Math and Not Accounting?

Since this is just a new blog, I gotta be counting here Kat's Box and Dice's firsts. Initially, I am thinking of joining at least 3 PMC member-hosted memes for this blog and yesterday, Wednesday I was looking forward to join the Beautiful Wednesday meme hosted by Trish of Thoughts Online for a start but unfortunately for some reasons her entry for the week wasn't up. Well there will always be a next time they say so I just decided to move on to the next and for that I am gladly considering Thursday's pop Girls Talk by Kaye of BeautyQueenGene. I love this meme in fact I also play GT with my other blogspot blog here. <=== End of Intro ===>LOL!

So, here we go for this week's theme. MOST HATED SUBJECT. Aww!!! For that I got two - Math and Accounting respectively. Okay so that Math I believe is self-explanatory. What I don't understand was why Mass Communication students like me has to have Accounting subjects and take note not just one but two. Waahh!! Didn't that make feel dizzy just thinking about numbers every time? But one good thing about it is that our school designed a separate Accounting subject class just for us MassCom students - that made it less intimidating seeing we all have equal regard to the subject. Plus the teacher assigned to us seemed to understand. The result: we all passed the subject. HAHAHA! Now back to the MATH. I always stand to my principle that as long as I know how to do the 4 elementary operations, I should be fine. Not like Physics is essential to our mundane living, LOL! :D


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