Tuesday, June 14, 2011

About Kat's Box and Dice

GREAT! Thanks to those who graced the launching of my newest page with their warm comments, praises and compliments. To the gorgeous mommies of PMC especially, thank you so much for your friendship and support. This time, I'd like to answer few questions I believe you might want answered as well and so here we go... WHY KAT'S BOX AND DICE? It was just out of some great impulse when I thought of creating a new blogger account some time last year and added 2 new blogs under it. The original Kat's Box and Dice is one of them. Sadly I just ended up neglecting the page for some reasons. :( Every now and then I get bunch of email notifications from PMC/FB back then and that's how I've learned about Mommy Ruby's .info domain giveaway last month. Things happened pretty fast. Thought I would love to win one of those domains but can't think of any good suggestion for a possibly available domain name other than katsboxanddice,info. Now that I can say is was real luck. That really made my day when Ruby confirmed it was available and made it to the first 10. :D WHO IS KAT? My name is Nancy so obviously it isn't me. LOL! KAT is short for KATE, my oldest daughter's name. She's 10 and I believe she got the same passion as I do and that inspired me to use her name for a screen name or whatever is the techie version of the word, LOL!
Even before I created the original Kat's Box and Dice page, I already thought of buying it its own domain along its way however, when I checked it at godaddy.com Katesboxanddice.info has already been taken so I ended up using Kat instead of Kate.
Initially I've given niche blogging a thought but then again my very limited resources is keeping me from pursuing that idea for now so more likely this will become yet another personal/general blog of mine. And I guess that should cover about anything that come to Kat's mind that she thinks is worth
braggingif not talking about, LOL!
So, that's about it for now. Will catch you guys around next time. ;)


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