Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Graduation Scrapbook Tutorial

A scrapbook is a memory book. It is a wonderful stuff for preserving beautiful memories of our life -- birth, photographs, school memoirs, special collections or souvenirs. Scrapbook making is an investment in time and effort and will showcase a person's creativity. One's individuality is shown in one's scrapbook. Aside from being an exciting activity to do during school break, it can also be a good therapy for loneliness and boredom. It is nice to have a theme -- flowers, heavenly bodies, stickers, gadgets -- anything you love to use as a decoration. School year is about to end so for a starter, here's how to do a graduation scrapbook with a flower theme: Materials Needed
  • Artwork -- flower cutouts in different colors, pressed flowers, etc.
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Construction papers or acid-free decorative papers
  • Color pens, crafting scissors, glue or paste
  • Hard board
  • Memorabilia such as programs, pressed corsage, greeting cards
  • Old magazines
  • Papers in different color, photos, puncher
  • Ribbon or yarn for tying
  • Stick
How To Do It
  1. Buy 8" x 11" pieces of construction papers.
  2. Punch the left side of the papers as well as the hard board.
  3. Arrange photos and memorabilia in construction paper, including the artwork. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, glue the photos and memorabilia carefully.
  4. Enhance photos and memorabilia by framing them in colorful paper. Have captions below the photos and memorabilia.
  5. Write "Your Comments" on the last few pages of the scrapbook.
  6. For the cover, you may use hard board.
  7. Cut out letters from old magazines that spell "My Graduation Scrapbook" and paste them on the cover.
  8. Tie the pen with a ribbon and secure it in the upper punched hole of the back cover.
  9. Tie pages and cover together using a stick and ribbon.
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