Friday, October 4, 2013

Reaching the Mobile Generation

The use of mobile phone for communication is getting more and more extensive as the technology advances. While it is just merely known as a portable communication device with the same capability with that of a conventional fixed-line telephone before, nowadays, it is rapidly becoming an indispensable medium and already started functioning as more than just a communication device.

 photo cellphone_zps4ecdc612.gif
Without the phone, many of us would be quite lost in connecting with other people.The address book and contacts list on phones is our social interface. In strange places, they tell us where we are. And even in business industry, connecting to customers at anytime, anywhere is no longer an illusion.

Mobile marketing has become the most personal and effective approach of direct marketing. By installing it in your overall marketing strategy, you are making steps ahead while existing customers will mount to the next levels.This SMS marketing solution is applicable for both large and small companies.Through your own shortcodes, you can now effectively market your own products (be it a thomastik instrument strings at guitar center) and promotions in a personalized, fast, flexible and competent manner.

Direct and one-on-one communication that stimulates a customer feedback, mobile text messages grab immediate attention and are more likely to be read than email sent to a PC, which can also be a victim of spam filter.


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