Sunday, September 1, 2013

Content is King

The never ending PR (Page Rank) issue among bloggers are everywhere. I remember few months ago, I raised a question on one of the forum sites I joined about how a Page Rank is gained? When I last checked the site, I got over 50 responses from different people whom I actually don't know but are generous enough to share their intelligent opinions. But among those responses, the phrase"content is king" was what strikes me the most. Yesterday as I was visiting websites, I came across with it again. This made me ponder for a little while.

I have been blogging for years now... but I wonder if the entries I have posted in my blogs are all of good quality. Granting that PR is basically acquired through quality content then I must say I at least have it otherwise, my other pages won't be ranked by Google... although such figures has their high and off season" too (LOL). I guess you know what I mean by that. However, now that Google is repossessing my PRs, does it literally implies low quality content too? What therefore comprises a quality content, you ask?

One blogger says: "Good content will show the writers own personality and flavor in it. It will be interesting and very informative, if it's not what's the point of putting it online in the first place, nobody will benefit from it and it won't help you get more repeat visitors."

 True enough! Pretty simple opinion but is rich and is worth contemplating!


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